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According to the definition of dancing, it is to execute movements with the body, arms and feet. It's a kind of equation, where music plays a very important element. But for us dancing is not just about moving...dancing is about connecting. And Bailan2 came about at a time when dancing as a couple was idealistic (that crazy 2020). But still, we dreamed of the option of being able to connect through dance again. Dancing is in a way something of 2. Music and Dance; two form a dance couple. Two people who are going to create a connection, who together share and live the magic that dance transmits to us.
That's why
Bailan2, because only 2 are needed, always with the music as a witness. We don't need more. 

"Life is always better Bailan2"

Bailan2 has the objective of offering a mix of art and culture, thus helping the improvement of each of our students, from beginners to professionals in multiple styles of dance. Our professional instructors are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential while having fun, because having a good time is part of our daily routine. We don't want to prove any scientific study that dancing simply makes us happier. We know and we see it day by day in our students, that dancing is a direct way of communication, it is a positive experience in our life.
We have a whole universe of styles for you, because moving our body takes us into a space full of music, social dance, joy, enjoyment. It doesn't matter if it's your first time, if you know a lot or a little. We will always offer you all the information you need, we are at your fingertips. And we do it from the heart 

Take a look to our class Schedule and let's discover together the world of Salsa.

Here at Bailan2 we offer you a home, a community of dance and culture.

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