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Bailan2 NEW ROUND 6 weeks/
From FEBRUARY 26th. More info click here.


A special touch in our Bailan2 family. 
Welcome Juan & Lillann, an incredible couple, for all those Bachata lovers. You are going to love them. 


Bailan2 was born as a beautiful idea of a project of this young couple (Andy & Yuliet) that dreamed of bringing Cuban dance and culture to every corner of Norway, regardless of age, level or knowledge of Cuban dance.  In August 2020 in the middle of the pandemic they put their dream into action, in the middle of confinement, social distancing; they made it possible to keep alive the spark of the dance both in person and online.

Bailan2 has the objective of offering a mix of art and culture, thus helping the improvement of each of our students, from beginners to professionals in multiple styles of dance. Our professional instructors are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential while having fun, because having a good time is part of our daily routine.

Take a look at our class Schedule and let's discover together the world of Salsa. Here at Bailan2 we offer you a home, a community of dance and culture.

Remember this: Life is always better Bailan2

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