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Salsa i Drammen

Andy and Yuliet, two young talents who decided to join their careers in 2019 to embark on the path of dance together. Both have a folkloric background, but stand out today for their versatility and methodology when it comes to performing any Cuban style. From the traditional rumba to a very modern reggaeton, with them you will be able to live the experience of Cuban culture, as well as enjoy the energy and dynamics that usually characterize their classes. With so little time together on the stage they have been able to put the name and tradition of Cuban culture on high.

They were part of the SalsaKompaniet dance school team, one of the largest salsa schools in Norway. 

Always focused on the tradition, in not losing the essence, and highlighting the quality, motivated more than anything by the strength and connection that can be had with the music.

Sharing with passion what they love; Dance and Music.

ANdy Gonzalo / Cuban Dancer

- He was born in Havana, Cuba and since he was very young he feels inclined to music and dance. His beginnings were in the streets, highlighting his ability in the urban genre, reggaeton.

- In 2007 he began his journey in professional life, being part of the prestigious modern dance company of Cuba, Narciso Medina.

- Then came the great folkloric experience, first with the company Raíces Profundas, then with the Conjunto Folclórico Nacional de Cuba and later with the company Banrrara. Five years of enrichment and training, dancing in the biggest stages of Cuba.

- Since 2014 he is part of the rumba group Osain del Monte.

- In the same year he received the title of First Dancer, the highest evaluation granted by the National Council of Performing Arts of Cuba.

- He was a dancer in the Buena Vista Social Club show, and was able to dance on the biggest stages in Europe, such as the Palais des Congress in Paris, France.

- He arrives in Europe in 2014, and since then has been on the international festival scene, and today is one of the most recognized young male figures.

- He currently lives in Norway, where together with her partner and dancer Yuliet Estrada they are carrying out a project called Bailan2.

Yuliet EStrada / Cuban Dancer

- Yuliet was born in Havana, and dancing has been a big part of her life since she was a child.

- She developed as a dancer in the Conjunto Folclorico de la Universidad de la Habana.

- She has performed with shows and has presented herself in both national and international competitions, such as in 2007 she was the first place in the 1st International Festival of Popular and Ballroom Dances, in Havana.

- He was part of the fusion show of the Laura Alonso's Prodanza Academy of Dance

- In 2008 Yuliet moved to Oslo, Norway where she has worked as a dancer and choreographer ever since.

- She has successfully participated as a dancer and instructor in many national and international festivals.

- I am part of the project Rhythms of the Caribbean with the Norwegian organization Riggsekken, which brings culture and dance to the most remote places in the country.

- In 2019 she decided to join her professional career with dancer Andy Varona, and since then they have taken her work to big international events and festivals. Together they started the Bailan2 Project, which in such a short time has started to have great acceptance in the dance scene in Norway.

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